A Room with a View

Thanks to this picture, painted by my friend Maurya Metal in Montignac, Conques, I’m looking forward to a hopefully happier and healthier Earth 2023. This window fills my every morning with joy and I wish to share it with you all.

Gracias a este cuadro, pintado por mi amiga Maurya Metal en Montignac, Conques, espero una Tierra 2023 más feliz y más sana. Esta ventana me llena de alegría cada mañana y deseo compartirla con todos vosotros.

Grâce à ce tableau, peint par mon ami Maurya Metal à Montignac, Conques, je me réjouis d’une Terre 2023, espérons-le, plus heureuse et plus saine. Cette fenêtre me remplit de joie chaque matin et je souhaite la partager avec vous tous.

«Conques, la quête» Tenth Anniversary Recital-Concert

«Conques, la quête» Tenth Anniversary Recital-Concert
Peter Wessel (voice) and Michel Godard (serpent) at Place Chirac, Conques, on August 26th 2020 (Video and photo by Ana Diaz-Guerra)

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«Conques, la quête» 10thAnniversary Recital

This is the scene where the great French multi-instrumentalist Michel Godard (on serpent on this occasion) and I will interpret my most recent polyfonías – and «Conques, la quête», bien sûr – on Wednesday 26th of August 2020 at 6:30 pm.
As I presented «Conques, la quête» in 2010 – on the same spot – with my trio Polyfonías Poetry Project. Mark Solborg on guitar, Salvador Vidal on soprano and bass clarinets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7HfritdDyI